Note To Loves | Why I Started Blogging.

Sometimes I need to remind myself why I started blogging. Especially at moments when I don’t have inspiration or the motivation to work on my blog, quite sad because I love to do it. Lack of time plays also a huge part on why I didn’t blog for a while. I am currently busy with my studies. I go to college from the morning until late afternoon for a week. Basically, a whole work week of almost 40 hours! Then comes doing homework, reading college books and doing assignments. In the weekend, I maintain a part time job and I need to rest from everything. Due to all this I left my blog behind.

I remember like it was yesterday why I wanted to start a blog. At first I wanted to follow vocational training about fashion but here in the Netherlands you need to ‘’audition’’ first before you get into a school of fashion or an art school. They always said to me that I have the basics and an eye for details but it isn’t enough. So, I had to do something else to follow my dreams which is working for a fashion magazine. It bugged me why I didn’t get in but I realised why wait for approval on something you love to do?

Blogging was the first thing that came into my mind when it comes to reaching my goals of writing, taking pictures or better said the whole package when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle subjects. Just like a magazine where I can be the editor, the creative director and photographer. There was a very old friend who I shared my thoughts with, he said to me that I should do it. He pushed my last insecurities away and was born.

Till this day, I appreciate that last push. With many ups and downs that I embrace am I blogging for three years now! Thinking about it makes me so excited and glowy inside. I truly hope I can continue doing it for a long time.

So, Loves bear with me because I promise you, there is more to come from me!


19 thoughts on “Note To Loves | Why I Started Blogging.

  1. I love this! I wish there was more time in the day because like you it feels like I never have time to work and blog. I’ve finally posted something today for the first time in weeks. It’s hard but it’s such a nice feeling when you finally click publish after what feels like a lifetime of no writing. Love your blog doll x

    1. Thank you sweetie! I wish that too. It feels so great when you hit the publish button after a long time. I just need to remind myself that I like that feeling and overcome the struggles and blog. I wish you good luck on your blog! Xx

      1. Yeah there’s always going to things that get in your way so don’t put pressure on your self sweetie. Good luck with yours too xx

  2. Oh wow 3 years?!?!? I haven’t even made it a full year….yet! I love reading behind the scenes stories of how and why people started their blog. So glad that you started and I hope you have many more years of blogging under your belt ❤

    xo, JJ

    1. Yes, time flies by. Sometimes I even can’t believe it. Not a full year but you already rockin’ it! Keep it up sweetie. I hope you keep enjoying it and reach your goals! Xx

  3. We all need those positive people around us that believe in us so we can flourish. I am also really thankful to have had(and still have) people that believe in me. Thanks for the post!

    1. Yes, it’s a amazing feeling! Being supported and getting it from my family members and friends keeps me on track when it comes to my blog. Glad to hear that you have great people around you. Keep it up! Xx

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