Fashion | Head Over (Heels) Shoes!

‘’I have enough shoes’’ said no woman ever! It’s a fact that we ladies always say to ourselves ‘’I don’t have this one yet’’ or ‘’it is on sale’’ while we have many from different styles and colours. Don’t forget the many pairs we have from the same style but in different colours! Shoes are like black little dresses, for every occasion we need/have one. Every season needs a new wardrobe well, the same goes for shoes. Right Loves? Spring equals no-more-fuzzy-socks-in-boots attitude, time to wiggle our toes!

As much I enjoy living in the Netherlands I wish I could change the weather with a blink of an eye. During spring the sun comes behind the clouds with the wind chasing after him. We sometime have a beautiful sunny morning that turns into rain and thunder and makes our hair like cotton candy. Even the weather app can fool you. It would be such a bummer when you are wearing open shoes and the rain pours out of the sky right on top of your freshly nail polished toes. Thank god for Oxford shoes! I fell in love with the pink and the black lacquer one. This is what I meant with same style, different colour. I even walk so comfortable with them. What more can I say!

Now, it is obviously that I am a shoe-a-holic. I am having lately a crush on suede/velvet shoes. I wanted a good black loafer and a cute block heels shoes. Making the decision to put the loafer and sandals into the virtual shopping basket was easy made. You can wear the loaders as slippers just by letting the heel parts down. It reminded me of the fluffy slippers from Gucci. I mostly walk on flat shoes because of college and whenever I run for small errands. Sometimes I feel bad for not wearing heels, quite a waste because I have them collecting dust in my closet. With these I am trying to change that. Now I must wait until summer to wiggle my toes in them.



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12 thoughts on “Fashion | Head Over (Heels) Shoes!

  1. I lovee the title of this post, so appropriate and clever 🙂 I am such a shoe-a-holic too but I rarely ever buy any 😦 I usually get 1-2 pairs per season since all I’m ever doing is wearing them to work lol I love those ankle strap heels. More times then not my heels always have a strap around the ankle!!! Such cute style!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you sweetheart! So nice to hear. I love shoes because shoe size never change! Some shoes I have are more then two years hiding in my closet, some pairs I even forget I have them. I’m such a hoarder! Hihihi Xx

  2. De schoenen van de H&M zijn zo mooi! Nu moet ik mijzelf inhouden om ze te kopen anders loopt mijn schoenencollectie nog meer uit de hand haha 🙂

  3. I definitely can relate because if a pair of shoes that I like is on sale, I don’t even think twice! I had to recently go through all of my shoes and declutter some because my collection was too large! I also wear 90% of them and wear them until I can’t anymore! Great visuals by the way!
    – Berrz |

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