Lifestyle | I’m Ready For Autumn.

Is it just me? Autumn sounds better than fall. Autumn comes to its right when I pronounce it like that. I instantly think about falling leaves in the colour orange, yellow and brown. I think about chestnuts and acorns on the ground that crunches when you step on it without knowing. I like when the sun still shines even though you feel the wind blowing on your face. Autumn is not my favourite season, but the colourful nature is beautiful to look at.

New season means also to me, where I stand with my goals. Which goals I already achieved, and which one are not achievable. Some goals I’ll change and some goals I’m letting go. Either way, I reflect on what I have done and what needs to be done. I also take my mind off things so, I read some books. I’m lately into short stories or poems. It gives me that boost to go on.

Autumn = candles obsession! I light them mostly every night when I want to read or watch movies and series on Netflix. It also gives that cosy vibe in my room, I love it!

Room decorating is also a thing I like to do. I keep it simple, just changing small décor items. I like to match it with the colours of my room, which are black, white, rose gold and marble. I have a little crush on the rose gold clock and apple. It gives my room that finishing touch.

During autumn my wardrobe also changes, obviously. I namely wear ankle boots because it makes my legs look longer. Especially when I wear black ankle boots with a black skinny jean. I also tend to wear autumn colours, like black and grey. I adjust my accessories too, also in warm colours. Like my brown basket.

Now, my autumn beauty routine. I get a combination of oily and dry skin, so I apply another facial crème than my usual facial creme. My makeup changes too, especially the colours. I prefer to use pink and glowy beige for that natural glow. The perfume that I use during the new season goes to musk and arum instead of summer scents. My go to perfume at the moment is Trussardi My Name.

I’m trying to enjoy the fullest this season because of these simple things. Are you ready for autumn too Loves?

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7 thoughts on “Lifestyle | I’m Ready For Autumn.

  1. How adorable are your pictures. I love the rose gold clock and apple (I actually picked up a rose gold click from new look homeware and it adds a lovely warmth to the room especially in this new season. P.s – yes, totally time for burning those candles, I can’t wait to shop for more autumnal scented candles. Loved your selection xx

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