Fashion #OOTD | Black & Beige.

We are in a semi lockdown again and I feel my anxiety is coming up. Only daily essentials stores are open, like grocery and drugstores. Everything else is closed until the 19th of January! Five weeks of boredom and I’m getting worried, definitely not a good combination. How are you dealing with the lockdown?

Before the latest lockdown, my sister shot pictures of my outfit. It happened right around the corner of my house, so I wouldn’t stay in a place for a long time. It was quiet and thank god there were no people around me. I wore my latest purchase, the beige coat from Zara. I am not someone who jumps for beige clothing, my preference goes to dark colours. However, I really like this coat! I like that it is quite long, perfect for when I want to wear a sweater dress and boots. I also like that it has a chic look, I wear it not every day. It is also detailed, a bit different from my oversized coats that I mostly wear.

I do jump for black clothing. It is a colour that goes with everything and every style! I wore a pant legging with splits at the end of the trouser legs. I like how it gives that bit of flair to your outfit. I wore ankle lace boots with it, also in beige to combine it with the coat. I like the boots so much, because it makes me a bit taller and the block heels are comfortable to walk with. It was a bit cold outside, so I wore over my black blouse a black pullover sweater. You don’t see it, but the blouse has golden buttons and the pullover sweater has at the wrists golden buttons too. I liked how it matched with my beige coat and boots.

Coming at the last item of my outfit, the bag! For the new readers of my blog; I’m a bag-o-holic. I’m quite obsessed with bags, next to shoes…Next to perfume…Oh god. Oh well, at least it doesn’t go to drugs and alcohol. The bold excuse that I have!



Coat: Zara Blouse & Pullover Sweater: Primark Pants: New Look at Asos Boots: Primark Bag: Guess



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36 thoughts on “Fashion #OOTD | Black & Beige.

  1. I love the coat, too. : ) I like how it is versatile… can go casual or dressy with it, and it does have a chic look to it. Great choice!

    I, too, am a bagoholic, shoes, and perfume lady…..these are three of my most favorite things to buy. The bag you are carrying is pretty and matches your coat perfect!

    Take care!

  2. I love this outfit! It’s so classy and you look amazing in it! You can never go wrong with a long, statement coat in my opinion! Beige and black compliment each other so well. I love the way you wrote this as well. It’s really intriguing seeing how you put a look together! X

  3. Love this outfit Sahida, mostly the coat! Looks absolutely great and a must-have in the wardrobe! You can never go wrong with a black outfit! Thanks for sharing x

  4. I love this look! The color combo is so chic. I really like the length of the coat too. Very classy looking!

  5. I love your coat. It looks so nice and the shade is perfect! I can relate with your feelings about lockdowns. It really takes a toll on mental health.

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