Beauty Review | Sparkles In A Tube.

Highlighters in a tube are to me a great beauty invention! When I’m in a hurry I just grab one and put it in my bag without getting worried it gets broken or it opens in my bag and make a mess. Since it’s fluid I only use the tips of my fingers to apply it on my cheekbones, no brush needed. On top of that they are such eye candies! As you all know me Loves, I’m rose gold and simplicity obsessed.

The first thing I did is smell the product. I definitely buy with my nose and if makeup smells chemical I don’t buy it, no matter which brand it is. With these highlighter creams I am not worried about it. The first tube I swatched is called Pearl. I like this light-yellow highlighter a lot. When you apply it on your cheekbones and blend it with your fingertips you get an instant glow, it’s good pigmented. It even looks like that natural glow! Which is perfect for daily use.

The second highlighter cream is called Oyster Pink. I like this tube because it gives that shy glowy look, it suits perfect with my beauty look Sweetheart. This shade is also perfect for under your eyebrow to create an open look. On top of that, the tube has a perfect size, you can keep it in your bag for those quick touch up days.

Honestly Loves, I am impressed by these highlighter creams from Primark. Both are well pigmented and easy to use.



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22 thoughts on “Beauty Review | Sparkles In A Tube.

    1. They are! Every queen can be a highlighter girl, you too sweetie! 😀 Apply it on your cheekbones, subtle on the top of your nose and Cupid arrow. The little hills on your upper lip and your done. Xx

  1. I have got to try cream highlight. I use a powder right now, and I just feel like it doesn’t last but a couple seconds… Might give these a try!

  2. You have tempted me to try the highlighers. Great review. Primark are quite good for make up I bought quite a good lipstick there as well. Thank you for the review. I did not know about these highlighters

  3. i have never tried a tube highlighter but i will try it soon!! your blog is amazing !! ❤ 🙂 🙂

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