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My exams are just over and I feel that I’m very tired, having less energy to concentrate on my studies and blog. So I went through my goals to remind myself again.

One of my goals was to enjoy more of the beauty of life. I am definitely an over thinker and waiting on the results of my exams is for me so stressful! To put my focus elsewhere I made some small reminders for myself to remember my goals and I want to share them with you Loves.



Whenever you have a long day you want to go to a place where you can relieve yourself and get rid of your daily routine thoughts. This place is my room. At such times, I prefer to be at a place where I can feel calm right away. I just make it comfy for a more relaxed feeling. My blanket will keep me warm when I want to write some of my ideas for my blog in my notebook or just simply write a poem. When I don’t want to write I just use my laptop to watch movies or my favourite series online.

Sometimes during hectic days you cannot find a moment to relax. So a motivation board full of motivational words or quotes is an amazing quick reminder for the hard work you do to reach your goals. How about music? I still listen to the playlist I shared on my blog. During the song you can take a moment to rest from your thoughts.



What also don’t take much time, because you are already busy; is to browse in a magazine. I snoop in it to get fashion and beauty inspiration. Because of it I will know the latest trends and get inspired for outfits!

Everyone has his or her own way to get motivated and inspired. Share with me yours!

14 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Inspiration For Motivation.

  1. Some lovely ideas here! And your room is beautiful!

    I get inspiration from a various places. Most recently from reading blogs. I’m making an effort to discover and follow more blogs, both in areas of interest and areas I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, to challenge my view of the world, and see things from other angles, whether is simply the best way to wear oversized jumpers, or larger things, like war.

    Shops, with models especially, inspire me clothing wise, along with magazines, similar to yourself. On top of that websites are good to look at.

    Friends inspire me in various ways depending on who it is and what they do. I have a friend who inspires me to be healthier, one who inspires me to learn to be stronger in faith and love, one who inspires me to be more creative….the list goes on!

    1. So beautiful to read this. It only makes me more feel that we live in a world that is unique! It is always a pleasure to read the thoughts of others. Keep it up and thank you for commenting! Xx

  2. Hey , love the your blog.

    I am glad that I discover you. I hope we can help each other.I just followed my blog ❤

    Do have a look @my blog.


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