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Because I know Loves that having a blog and maintaining it is a hard knock life but at the end always worth it so show me your hard work!

As I was writing about my goals of 2016 which two of them is collaborate with others and lift up my social media is this blogpost a good chance to accomplish and continue on with it.



Being recognized of your work is the best feeling in the world and this feeling I would never deny my fellow bloggers simple because it is just not in my nature. We all started from the bottom and are where we want to be or still going strong to reach it. I want to read more blogs then the ones I got my blog spotlight on and mostly I want to meet you.

Enough of the mushy talk! Spam in the comments who you are, about what you write and your blog link. Easy right?

63 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Hi, Meet My Blog!

  1. Cute blog! I’ve got one about new experiences in Northern Germany and all around the world. New places, new dishes, new hobbies… 🙂 Basically it’s a specialized travel & food blog. You’re very welcome to come over and have a look 😉

  2. Hi! What a nice idea for a post 🙂 You’ve got very cute and organised workspace – I love it! Recently I’ve launched my blog about design, geeky things, technology, science & fun – all the things I love 😉 I’d be very happy to connect with other bloggers!

  3. Amazing post, I love that you want a community involvement, that’s how we will all grow, right! Great message and I’m happy to already be following your blog. I’m Amanda from Canada and I write about my life experiences, fashion, travel and anything that inspires me through-out the day, I hope you will find my work as enjoyable as I find yours!
    Amanda ♥

  4. Saida, I appreciate all you positive vibes and super jelly of your workspace. Lol
    My blog is
    It’s a mash up of DIY, casual fashion,travel, and beauty. Your feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. Hi Saida, Nice blog! Absolutely love your workspace! very calming. I write anything that strikes my fancy. More of beauty and food @

  6. Loooooving your organization!! I’m a lifestyle blogger as well pretty much just posting about my everyday life! If you ever want to check it out I’m at

  7. This is such a nice idea! I’m quite new to WordPress, although I’ve been working on my blog for about six months, and everybody seems to be so nice and supportive. Feel free to check out my blog but keep up the good work! x

  8. This is really great! I am brand new to the blogging world and trying to figure it all out. I love sharing lifestyle and fitness tips, my family’s secret recipes, reviews of products that I love, and everything else – so I figured why not start a blog for it all? Check it out at Thank you for letting me share!

  9. It’s safe to say I need to step up my layout game! I think we’re familiar with each other. But, I might be wrong. My name’s Aanu. My site Jade & Dunni covers skincare, travel and introduces the world to today’s brightest minds.

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