Beauty Motivation | Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Prettiest Off Them All?


Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and wished to have a magic eraser to erase imperfections? Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and asked him or herself the question ‘’what if?’’ Guess what? You are not alone.

We are living in an era that is open and exposed. Many resources claiming what beauty is, or supposed to be what it is. Who hasn’t wished to be on the cover of a magazine? I admit it looks all very beautiful, very attractive. It makes you want it! If you already realizing this, aren’t the magazines supposed to be too good to be true?

Even beauty comes with his down sizes. Who hasn’t seen the many Photoshop fails of magazines? Who hasn’t heard celebrities photo shopping their Instagram photos? And what about the Kylie Jenner Challenge? Let this be a reminder, even the celebrity you look up to has his or hers own insecurities!

Lucky, other bloggers and I have our pictures photo shopped! Let the pictures speak from themselves.

‘’Have you ever wondered – What if an average woman got photo shopped in order to look like a cover model?

In today’s world, beauty is not always what meets the eye. These twelve women got themselves airbrushed and enhanced just like the models on various fashion magazines, to highlight the REAL reality and our skewed perception of beauty.’’

8298733_orig“Perfection in latin means ‘finished’ and..Who the hell wants to be finished?!”
SILVIA, CoolAunts, Italy2705053_orig“I used to care what people thought and said about me. I used to feel hurt when they constantly asked me to lose weight – and then I moved to the US and found myself. Now, I don’t give a damn if they don’t like me – I Love Myself and I don’t let anyone tell me different!”
FIZA, Das Rock Haus, UK1526457_orig“My so called IMPERFECTION makes me one of a kind, and I love it!”
NADIA, My Fancy Wardrobe, Tunisia5289262_orig“Just because I’m a model, doesn’t mean I look perfect, not even for photoshoots. I love my imperfections, every single one!”
EMMA, Anchors Away Beauty, UK4757818_orig”I find beauty in my imperfections, whether it’s non-symmetrical winged eyeliner, or a bad hair day. I embrace the imperfect because it makes me me – someone who always tries to see the best in myself and the world around me.”EMILY, Modern Midwest Maven, USA
2268311_orig”My so-called imperfections tell a story: those dark circles are a trait of an engineering student, my scars show that acne will not defeat my confidence, I’ve decided to be myself, because everybody else is already taken.”
ALYSSA, Queen Regnant ZA, South Africa6571347_orig”I have accepted my flaws, because what others see as flaws, I see as beautiful!”
EVELYN, IndiaLynRose, USA1477791_orig“I am me. I am proud of who I am. I don’t want to look flawless to feel fabulous!”
KAYLEIGH, Sprinkle & Sparkle of Kayleigh, UK7788863_orig”I am just like you who has blemishes, who doesn’t have a pointy nose or
chiseled face, who has flabs, jiggly arms, dimpled thighs, has flaws is her appearance.  Arpita is perfectly imperfect!!!”
ARPITA, Arpita’s, India5838851_orig”The mirror can lie, it doesn’t show you what’s inside, and it can tell you you’re full of lies!”
MARIE, TheBeauTMum, Ireland1770895_orig“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Prettiest Off Them All?”
Saida, Saida Chahid, The Netherlands

There’s NO NEED to put so much pressure on ourselves to look like cover models on fashion magazine – THIS was our goal, which pushed us to explore the world of extreme photo retouching and excessive makeup use.We are definitely not condemning the desire to look good, but everyone should know what’s behind “perfection”, if not for ourselves, for our future generation!


SILVIA, CoolAunts, Italy,
FIZA, Das Rock Haus, UK,
SAIDA, Saida Chahid, The Netherlands,
NADIA, My Fancy Wardrobe, Tunisia,
EMMA, Anchors Away Beauty, UK,
EMILY, Modern Midwest Maven, USA,
ALYSSA, Queen Regnant ZA, South Africa,
EVELYN, IndiaLynRose, USA
KAYLEIGH, Sprinkle & Sparkle of Kayleigh, UK,
ARPITA, Arpita’s, India,
MARIE , TheBeauTMum, Ireland

Originally posted on Das Rock Haus.

Whenever I look at myself, I always wanted to have a flawless skin. Due to my acne, which the before picture shows, that day I had a break out. At that point while shooting for that picture I thought: perfect! It’s going to be a perfect picture to photo shop. As the days went by, communicating with all the bloggers my insecurities took me over! My thoughts were then, should I not have put some make-up on? Should I have sent another picture? How am I going to look afterwards? Do I still want to participate? I’m glad I still did. Because when I look at my photo shopped picture now I see: that’s not me. This is not who I am and how Allah created me.

I realized I don’t need to be perfect to be happy. I already am flawless! I’m not a role model and I’m not intending to be one. But I want you to know, embrace yourselves the way you are because you are already unique in every kind of way. You don’t need to be someone else because the world already has enough of one!

Need a talk? You can find us on #MyFakeReality feel free to use it! It would be a pleasure to hear from you Loves!

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