Lifestyle Motivation | It’s a (Hard Knock) BLOGGERSLIFE!




I blog for a year now (YAY!) and I love every bit of it! However blogging comes with his proceeding that for a blogger always ends in satisfying results. But before we get there we bloggers go through all lot of ups and downs. Yes, downs too.

As an example, I have sometimes troubles by having a lack of inspiration which can results in days without posting a blogpost. If this happens to me, I feel disappointed. I have this feeling because I want my Loves to hear and read something from me. I also have to accept this because the last thing I want to do is writing a blogpost that has no depth or is an ‘’quick blog shot’’ a post that’s written compulsory. I’d rather have a good post then a bad one.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Before I post something on my blog I check my words on a Word Note trough the spell check and translate words in Google translate. This takes time, which again can result in a blogpost that I worked hours on that I ‘’forget’’ I have other things to do too. Decisions have to be taken and nothing is as satisfying as a scale effect. Your time and pursuits equivalent shared!

Enough with the downs! As I said, I love blogging and getting recognized is to me a cherry on a pie! Reading comments and seeing likes on a blogpost are prizes to me. The interaction gives me a great feeling. I, a blogger from all the bloggers in the world interact with people all over the world, how amazing is that? A LOT!

Getting recognized by other bloggers and companies to work with each other is to me a reunite of creative people that results in a creative explosion! What more do I want as a blogger?

The advice I want to give you Loves is, follow your heart! Find a way that works for you to reach your own goals. Try to get out of your comfort zone and explore. Yes, it can be scary sometimes but at the end it’s worth it!

6 thoughts on “Lifestyle Motivation | It’s a (Hard Knock) BLOGGERSLIFE!

  1. Prachtig omschreven! Het bloggen is zo mooi en het kan soms wat frustrerend zijn. Desondanks zou ik het nooit meer willen missen ❤

      1. Ja had ik eerst ook maar vond ik toch niet zo handig. Weinig ruimte en als ik iets moest verwijderen vind ik dat nogal een gedoe.
        En met een digitale planner is het makkelijker om per maand/week te zien wat je op de planning hebt staan.
        Maar papieren agenda’s zien er wel leuker en persoonlijker uit. Ik kladde en bestickerde die dingen vroeger altijd 😉

      2. Dat is zeker een pluspunt! Klopt, Dat is wat ik leuk vind aan agenda’s, persoonlijk en leuk! Ik ben nog steeds schuldig aan het kladde maar stickers plakken ben ik uitgegroeid! :p

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